Events will be ran in the following order:

Senior Girls Pole Bending
Junior Girls Pole Bending
Little Wranglers Pole Bending
Trail Hands Pole Bending
Senior Boys Calf Roping
Senior Girls Breakaway
Junior Boys Breakaway
Junior Girls Breakaway
Senior Ribbon Roping
Junior Ribbon Roping
Senior Girls Goat Tying
Junior Boys Goat Tying
Junior Girls Goat Tying
Little Wranglers Goat Untying
Trail Hands Goat Untying
Senior Team Roping
Junior Team Roping
Senior Boys Steer Wrestling
Senior Girls Barrel Racing
Junior Girls Barrel Racing
Little Wranglers Barrel Racing
Trail Hands Barrel Racing
Junior Boys Flag Race
Little Wranglers Flag Race
Trail Hands Flag Race
Junior Boys Bareback Steer Riding
Junior Boys Saddle Bronc Steer Riding
Trail Hands Calf Riding
Senior Boys Bareback Riding
Senior Boys Saddle Bronc Riding
Junior Boys Bull Riding
Senior Boys Bull Riding
Junior Girls Trail Course
Senior Girls Trail Course

If time permits, we are planning on running the Trail Course and Rough Stock for September 3, immediately following the rodeo on September 2. We will start with Junior Girls Trail Course, followed by Senior Girls. Rough Stock events will run in the same order as Saturday.