Introducing Trail Hands …

We are pleased to announce that we are adding a new group to our rodeos for the 2014-2015 rodeo season. This group will be known as the Trail hand class.  This is our youngest division and not recognized at the national level.  This program is designed to help younger children learn, develop and strengthen their rodeo skills.  This division is designed for boys and girls ages 7 and younger.

Parents are allowed to assist their trail hand in any event (parents or helpers must be in western attire i.e. hat, boots, button down shirt, and jeans).  We offer a variety of events designed to help those children with and without horses in order to help them gain experience to see if rodeo is something they would like to further pursue.  We will divide the children into two groups 4 years of age and younger and 5-7 years of age.   Children ages 5-7 can be both a Trail hand and Little Wrangler and be enrolled in dual divisions.

Kids will be awarded ribbons through 7th place and participant ribbons to those who do not place.   There will be an All Around Cowboy and Cowgirl award as well.

There is a one time $25.00 membership fee to be a part of the Trail hand group.


Events included in Trail Hand division:

Trail Course

Barrel Racing

Down and Back

Goat Tail untying

Mutton Busting

Flag Race


The following events we will provide the equipment for or you may bring your own:

Stick horse barrel race

stick horse down and back

stick horse flag race

dummy calf roping

dummy goat tying


Register today and get started in the fun. Simply fill in the form by clicking here.

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